About Spreu BoatsDanwn und Alfred SpreuSince 1992, Spreu Boats has been a leading German designer and distributor of safe and reliable inflatable boats. From the beginning, we have constantly tried to improve our designs and accessories to meet the demands of our many professional and private customers.

It is our goal to ensure that each boating experience is a safe and pleasurable one so that whether you are searching for extreme whitewater or a quiet lake, you too, can
enjoy your own adventure.

Dawn und Alfred Spreu im OtterAll of our boats are handmade and constructed from CSM (Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene, also known as Hypalon) a synthetic rubber material favoured by the majority of inflatable boat users because of its excellent resistance to abrasion, ozone, oil, and UV-rays. Our boats' fabric has four layers of coating: CSM, Polychloroprene, heavy-duty polyester, and finally another two layers of Polychloroprene. This ensures that our inflatables are air-tight.

Since CSM does not contain any "softening agents" that evaporate over time, it has an extremely long life and can be as easily repaired as a bicycle's inner tube. We have also taken the extra precaution of adding an extra layer of rubber material on all areas that are exposed to extreme wear and tear. And lastly, all our inflatables meet the CE safety standards.

A little Advice...
All of our boats and accessories have been designed to withstand the demands of extreme whitewater conditions. Though you can depend on our equipment in dangerous situations, it is ultimately your whitewater experience that counts.

We suggest to all of our customers that they fully inform themselves regarding the rivers and waterways they may wish to explore. We at Spreu Boats want you to have a safe and an enjoyable boating experience.

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