Spreu Hippo 8SB-Q2 / Hippo 8SB-Q3 A favorite size for medium volume, technical rivers.
Choose from 2 or 3 crosstubes.
Price Hippo 8SB-Q2: pls. ask!
Price Hippo 8SB-Q3: pls. ask!

Hippo 8 SB von oben
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Hippo 8SB-Q2 (Q3) Boat Specifications:
Outer tubes and floor: 1100dtex and 1600dtex CSM
Gum chafer on underside of the outer tubes
1100 dtex CSM Anti-Slick on top of outer tubes
Colours upon availability: grey, red, blue
Carry Handles: 4
2" stainless steel D-Rings: 10
Length: 395 cm
Width: 193 cm
Ø Tubes: 48 cm
Chambers: 4+2+1 (8SB-Q3 – 4+3+1)
Persons: 8
Weight: 55 kg (8SB-Q3 – 58 kg)
Meets the CE-safety standards
Standard accessories:Repair Kit, Leafield Valve Adapter